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Engineers & Technicians

Engineers by training, our consultants come from the world of recruitment dedicated to industry.  As real experts, they work alongside clients in heavy industry, the chemical industry, manufacturing industry and consumer goods industry; in engineering, R&D and consulting and service companies.

Our specialised teams will work alongside you in the selection and evaluation of candidates for positions in R&D, industrial design, laboratory work, production, maintenance, methodology, industrialisation, processes, quality control and HSE.


  • Research and development
  • Maintenance
  • Production
  • QHSE

Project management

  • Regional/Branch Manager
  • Development Management
  • Research/site engineer
  • Site/Technical Director
  • After sales service quality manager
  • Programme manager
  • Technician

Contract management and design

  • Office manager
  • Design department manager
  • Scheduling and coordination manager
  • Project budgeting
  • Expert
  • R&D engineer
  • R&D technician
  • Designer/Planner
  • Health and safety coordinator
  • Project manager
  • Architect
  • Urban planner
  • Landscaper


  • Project/Branch/Subsidiary Manager/Director
  • Site engineer/foreman/manager
  • Costing engineer/manager
  • Methodology engineer/manager
  • Structural engineer/manager
  • Draftsman/draftswoman
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Master craftsman
  • Site manager